A Hero of a charismatic future

A Hero of a charismatic future

This book will transform any man into a hero. Because let’s face it, every man wants to be one – to feel like a hero on the inside and to be praised as a hero on the outside. Being the master of one’s own life and living from the heart are the ultimate goals to which every man aspires. This book will show you how to get there.

Because one thing is for sure: Heroes aren’t born. Heroes are made! 

Through a compelling tale and powerful lessons, this remarkable book builds up the hero inside every man by revealing:

  • how to build confidence to face every challenge life throws your way
  • the ways to accept the responsibilities of life
  • techniques to keep the male ego in check, making it a friend, not a foe
  • how to find real friends, and how to tell real friends from fake ones
  • the path to emotional intelligence and heart energy
  • the secrets of a good relationship
  • the biggest personality pitfalls to avoid
  • action steps for fostering powerful manifestation
  • the tools to facilitate the transformation from average Joe to hero
  • what it means to be gay and what informs the gay experience
  • the spiritual truths the awakened man on Earth should live by

This book is a must-read for the man eager to unleash the hero within, but also for the woman who wants a real-life hero by her side.

  • Price: 24.70 GBP
  • Pages: 241
  • Hard copy
  • Author: Michael Zmahar
  • Literary genre: non-fiction

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With his unique approach, Michael Zmahar, born in Slovenia, Europe, is one of the most insightful personal growth and spiritual teachers of the new age. Not long into his spiritual journey, he made the realization that in order to raise the collective consciousness and teach people how to manifest a life of power and influence the available toolset needed to be reinvented.

Over the years, his seminars have helped tens of thousands of people overcome their mental blocks and move forward in life. Described by many as life-changing, his books take a uniquely straightforward, no-nonsense approach, driving home that now is the time for advanced knowledge to uplift humanity’s consciousness.

An author extraordinaire, highly inspirational speaker, and top-tier coach, he helps people recognize who they really are and tap into their potential. Find out more about Michael on his website www.michaelzmahar.com.